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April 7th 2019, 10:58 PM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 

Just about done. Should be this week
This is honestly the most complex thing I've ever created in scripting, so it was hard to get it all working properly in all versions, but I finally deleted the last line from my own "Buglist.txt" yesterday. Just gotta finalise a couple of things and get it tested by Bluedy and it'll be good to go.
The way I've rewritten this, I've included a few optional extras/edits that you can turn on by changing sp_custom keys in your sprites script.
Also, there is a couple new procedures in the moveable sprites script - one is poked constantly as the sprite moves which allows some cool stuff like detecting when the sprite has reached a certain location. And the other is poked AFTER the sprite has moved and the player has let go of it. I've created a few cool example uses of these as well.

There is a hard box based collision system which is turned on by setting a custom key "setcollision" to 1 in your sprites main procedure, but will only work in Freedink versions, due to 1.08 and DinkHD bugging up. You can still set it to 1, it's just ignored in those versions, for this reason, to use this feature, you need to make sure my "version checker" is implemented, which has been uploaded to the DN and approved, but no news post yet (easy to implement, tutorial video link included, no globals used). If you don't have version checker, setting it to 1 will do nothing.

THEN.. I realised the hard box based collision system does look cool, but certain sprites stopping right at there hardbox edge means there is still a gap between sprites, and it'd be cool if you could customise their hardbox a bit for collision calculation only (to allow them to move a bit closer to other hardness for more of a snug fit I guess?). So there's also 4 optional custom keys you can set when setcollision is enabled, in the sprites main procedure, to trim the specified amount off the hardbox edges for hardbox collision calculation only ("trimleft" "trimtop", "trimright", and "trimbottom").

There's other optional stuff too. And none of this is required, the basic push/pull still works based on depth dot Calculation, by just attaching the basic skeleton move script to sprites.

I'm excited about this, and how I was able to maintain the ease of use and implementation.