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March 25th, 12:05 PM
Peasant Male United States bloop
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 
took a while. of course i'm not talking about the dmod


also, alk tree outside stonebrook caused me to walk into rocks and get stuck when i went to pick up the nut.

Okay, I took some steps to reduce the possibility of seeing this problem again. Ill include these changes in version 1.02 .

strength potion from pirate treasure on the way to suncool pond vanished before i could grab it. same thing can happen to the gold hearts if you try tossing the boomerang again, and the hearts and potion can be picked up multiple times before they are despawned.

Thats odd. I did not encounter these issues at all when testing myself. Im using (essentially*) the standard scripts here for chests and potions and hearts. Im not sure what to do about these issues.

Anyway, thanks for bringing these matters to my attention and next time please participate in the beta test!

(*) Im just decrementing a counter in each of the potion scripts when they get picked up by Dink so the code in pirates.c knows when to have Martridge appear.