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Reply to Re: Few problems related to compiling the FreeDink

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July 18th 2014, 05:25 AM
Peasant Male France

First, I'm not sure why you want to recompile FreeDink, if you just want to use the data from the original Dink, just edit "Override Dink Smallwood directory" in DFArc

Also you're posting in the "freedink-data" file discussion, so I'm not sure if you're working with "freedink" (which can be compiled) or "freedink-data" (which is just the game data and does not need compilation).
So let us know what version of FreeDink you are trying to compile.

If you're compiling 108.2, just follow the instructions in the "BUILD" file.
Should there be an issue, please copy/paste your full terminal output to e.g. so we can see what's wrong.

If you're compiling the latest version from Git - well don't, it's a development version that is not stable yet.

Good luck