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Jani aged well

Adventures with Jani - Part 1

February 13th, 05:37 PM
Peasant She/Her Australia rumble
I gotta admit my brus, I feel this D-Mod has a lot of charm compared to most 'bad' D-Mods from back in the day. Largely because of the new character, his hilarious MS Paint drawings, the title screen ('A BANG BANG!') and the dance-y stuff. There's a part where he walks to and fro reciting pop song lyrics. This cannot be beat.

Basically this D-Mod make me smile, and I feel a bit more effort went into it than other D-Mods with 'horrible' scores. I like Jani.
February 13th, 06:13 PM
Jani was always a so bad it's good D-Mod for me. Unlike some others, this D-Mod might be actually worth playing. While you won't exactly have good gameplay, the weird no-ducks-given story and the badly animated protahonist will likely make you laugh.