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April 5th, 01:10 PM
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Me and a few other TDN members started a Dink improvement project, of sorts, where we try to fix the vanilla game and add any cut content we can. Distant future plans include making an extended version based on our revised version with extra fan-made content. If you want to keep up with the project or think you could help, join our discord server:

April 11th, 11:19 AM
Are there any plans to make the two grass-filled island in the bottom right of the world map (right next to Koka Island) accessible with its own range of monsters and maybe an NPC or two to interact with?
April 11th, 12:53 PM
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the big grass islands seems to be where port town would've been, so yeah.
April 11th, 01:36 PM
Peasant Male Romania steam bloop
I like Frutti Fresh 
We will try to fill up as much of the map as possible with extra content (without it feeling too cluttered, obviously).
Not only that, we've decided we're going to put the two versions into one dmod. Youll be able to select, from the main menu, if you'd like to play vanilla dink smallwood with fixes, rebalancing and quality of life changes or the extended edition which includes the aforementioned things plus extra content and some remade graphics. Plans for now on the technical side is to implement the fixes. Robj is the main man handling that. On the artistic side, the one that I'm leading, I'm testing some NPC model replacements. I've thought about remaking the NPCs (with vertical and horizontal sprites so that they dont constantly look like they're walking diagonally).

You can consider this the thread where we will post updates, screenshots and answer questions.