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How difficult is it to create sprites

July 4th, 07:57 PM
Like for instance, taking one of the women and changing the color of her dress/hair. I do a bit of digital art but I just don't know what all is involved in the process. I would love to be able to contribute to this forum
July 4th, 09:09 PM
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Daniel, there are clowns. 
If you're familiar with digital art, it shouldn't be very hard to find the sprites, copy them, and then recolor each bmp to whatever you want. This used to be more of a problem way back in the day when you *had* to conform to Dink's specific 256 color palette, but with the later patches, this isn't an issue. To my knowledge (it's been a very long time since I made anything for Dink), Dink sprites still can't handle transparencies and anything that isn't pure white (or in some instances black) will show up as a solid color in game, so keep that in mind.

The more complicated parts involve adding the animation speeds, indexes, and hitbox information into the d-mod's Dink.ini for the sprites you want. In this instance, you'd mostly just be copying the information for the original sprites, but with their new filepaths/names into new sprite indexes. I often used this file as reference. It also helps to play around with the Dink Editor and see how the information entered into the d-mod's Dink.ini relates to what shows up in Editor's sprite index.

Then, of course, there's making sure those all come together through DinkC scripts, but if you're just editing sprites for use in the community, I would typically leave that part to d-mod authors to implement on their own.

I believe there are also a few graphics tutorials floating around here, but I can't vouch for their efficacy.
July 5th, 09:26 PM
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July 11th, 01:14 AM
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