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can anyone help me find out what is the name of this song??

March 1st, 10:08 PM
this is my first time posting, so i apologize in advance if i break any rules - this is the song i want to find the name

some backstory: ever since i was young and started playing dink smallwood, this song was always my favorite song from the game, i didn't know how to open the game's files to find the actual song so i stuck with having a savegame right before the fight with mog so i could listen to the song. i eventually found out that all the songs were in the game files and i made a playlist with only dink songs and listened so much that i got bored of it.
it wasn't until recently that i remembered about this song. i was watching a video of a brazilian youtuber (this video at 0:52) and all of a sudden i hear the most awesome bagpipes i've ever heard in my life lmao, it brought back so many memories lol.
and now that i know this song was not composed only for dink smallwood, i am trying to find the original one!
it would literally mean the world to me if any of you guys knew the name of the song or even have any clue of who composed it or where i can find it.

(sorry for my bad writing skills, english is not my native language)
March 1st, 11:30 PM
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MThd  MTrk  Mixed ! ~  !

's all i got

edit: hmm. a game from the legend himself, mat dickie. i gotta look more into this

edit edit: ok, its not from the game.

edit edit edit: unidentified >_<

edit edit edit edit: i found the dude who provided some songs's resume on archive. maybe mitch brink made it. he's nonexistent enough for that to be the case. another guy called joel baker made songs for the cd version but i can't find jack shit on him. i can only surmise that after seth got what he wanted, he assassinated these composers and erased as much evidence he could of their existence. what a soulless monster.
March 2nd, 12:50 AM
i have looked in mdickie's game's directory before, and haven't found anything related to the song. i can only assume that the youtuber found the song himself, and the song is probably one of those royalty free songs

that youtuber in particular uses mostly kevin macleod's music, i listened to a shit ton of his songs and haven't found anything yet.

i could dm the youtuber, but he probably wouldn't answer and if he did, he wouldn't remember the name of a random song he used in a video 3 years ago
March 2nd, 06:14 AM
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What I've managed to find is that the song name is Galaxy Filter performed by outer space. But I doubt it's the original, and their songs (midis mostly) are difficult to find.
March 2nd, 05:45 PM
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not even close.

wanna know what 6/18 is, also. that's the seth fight one. says tukiyo by y-asano but who the duck is y-asano and why can't i find anything on them, either

actually, duck it. what are all of the unidentified ones. we gotta know

March 2nd, 08:09 PM
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Several people tried a few years ago to trawl the internet archive and find the Japanese MIDIs (with some interesting successes along the way), but that one in particular proved to be quite difficult to find. Since then, Google's search algorithm has gone to shit, and I think Japanese Geocities has been nuked too (or is about to be) meaning that finding them is going to be much more difficult than it was before.

Strangely enough, the easiest ones to identify and talk to the composer about get barely any use in the game at all.
March 3rd, 05:48 AM
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seth really has a knack at picking almost totally mysterious composers.

March 3rd, 10:36 AM
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March 7th, 07:46 PM
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