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Updated D-Mod: Cloud Castle 2: Scarab

July 14th 2014, 03:31 AM
Patiently collecting bug reports over the years, Arik has now updated the Trout Bro's magnum opus Cloud Castle 2 to version 1.01.

My favourite one: "Ensured that beating Young Dink in boss mode in exactly 20 seconds will not permanently cause your weapons to make duck noises instead of attacking."
For some reason I find this hilarious. Time to go play it again methinks...

July 14th 2014, 03:38 AM
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Almost as good as a real cake!
Think I'll give this a replay myself. Kudos Arik!
July 14th 2014, 08:30 AM
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Plugged a hole that allowed you to access Pencilhead's lair too early - sequence breaking here could potentially have incremented the story variable in an invalid way, so I'm hoping some other reported issues will be fixed by this.

Finally! I've been telling Sabre to fix this dang bug for the past 7 years or so!
July 14th 2014, 08:31 AM
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I am a creative. I do not fix bugs.
July 14th 2014, 08:32 AM
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I might replay this actually.
July 14th 2014, 02:02 PM
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Bear in mind that there's no new content, just fixes and attempted fixes. Don't let that stop you from playing it, just bear in mind that there isn't anything new if you've played it before.

Also worth noting - if you've already got a save game that the Boss Mode duck bug affects, you'll need to delete your boss mode save (save 585) - sorry about that. (Alternatively if you're comfortable adding a key script to change variables, set &silly to 20 and &isduck to 0. That'll set you right.)

There are a few things that I wasn't able to reproduce when I was going through the module - for some of them I'm hoping I was able to get to the root of the issue anyway, but I'm going to write up the things that might still be issues below. If anyone has been able to reproduce these in the past (and ideally has a savegame) would it be possible to let me know? The threads for these are a little old, but if I can fix them up for future players then hopefully there won't be too many people disappointed in future.

- Absolution raises an issue in the well where the rockfall cutscene doesn't play, and also isn't flagged as already played( Two rocks appearing means that either the player was able to get into the well at an early point in the story, or managed to complete later story based events before doing the well. In theory not even the Pencilhead sequence break could directly do enough damage for this, although it's possible that one sequence break would open up another and ultimately let this happen. So hopefully this is fixed, but it might not be.

- The other issue he/she raises is weirder, and I'd have loved a little more information. To enter the final cave you, in theory, just need the light sword. So either the player was somehow able to escape the dragon cave after beating Kurt but before talking to Cthilmor, or for some reason the lantern wasn't firing when the player entered the final cave. If it's the latter I'd have loved to know if the lantern effect turned on at all, or if the first screen was dark but allowed progress, or if there was no darkness on the first screen.

- There have been some crashes reported in Dink HD when exiting the Dragon Cult and when bringing the kidnapped daughter home. I was able to reproduce a similar crash entering the village after releasing Cthilmor, and deleting a piece of bad scripting seemed to fix it (although reintroducing the bad scripting didn't reproduce the bug, so it's entirely possible that an issue still exists). I didn't manage to reproduce the other crash bugs, and there didn't seem to be any similar script issues in those places. Skull theorised that it might be related to screen changes, but this wouldn't explain the crash on leaving the Dragon Cult. It would be cool to know at what point the crash was occurring with the kidnapped daughter (after a point of dialogue? before or after a screen change?)

- I think esbeck's issue ( was to do with the Sahib's dialogue in Dink HD; the dialogue option the user needed to select appeared offscreen, and if the user didn't know it was there that may be why he/she wasn't able to progress. The Y offset has been changed in the new version, but that is kind of assuming that the offset was the problem.

- Multiple players reported an issue with screenlock on beating Kurt (, The most confusing thing here is that they don't report a freeze bug; the screenlock(0) command appears immediately after the unfreeze command in all 3 NPC dialogue sections. So presumably either something was killing the script between these two commands, despite the absence of any wait, or something was relocking the screen immediately after it unlocked. The desert guardians don't cause screenlock, and don't prevent it unlocking (even if one is onscreen when you look at the sword). My best theory for this is that if the script was interrupted after the unfreeze for some reason - re-running the talk procedure? - then maybe it would miss the screenlock command. Of course, if that were the case it should play the cutscene again... for safety I detached the script from the sword and killed the sword before unfreezing, which might prevent the issue. Again, I wasn't able to reproduce the problem.

I guess the lesson is that it's much easier to look into these things if you're being an active part of the community when they're reported. Oh well. I can always be optimistic and just hope they're all caused by corrupted downloads that missed off half a script.
July 14th 2014, 09:07 PM
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Cool. Keep on keeping on, Arik.
October 7th 2016, 09:59 PM
Hello, i have a 'bug situation', although it seems more the logic of aperence that make Dink wait for ever without responding on movement keys.
That happens at the wonderfull doohickey gambleling machine that gives life, beasts, 666 AND PAUL..... a script writing gnome
If you act TO SOON then PAUL is stil;l bussy and yet you push the red button.
That will give the remark "what a strange machine" and then you can choose to press the button or leave it
EXECPT when PAUL is around ... mind the "meanness"... you will have to be patient for Paukl to DISapper else you might come in the situation wher TWO message screens are active at the same time: 1) Pauls conversation :2) the NEW red button question
but after the remark "stange amcjhinbe" the remark of Paul SEEMS the wipe the answer window for the next button ASWEEL, so DINK WAIT FOR EVER until YOU the usr is READY with the choise to push or po or what ever yous stacked there, but it WONT COME
probably two routines are used to make it able to chace Paul while Paul is still having an conversation, or some alike