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Other World (The)

July 2nd, 2002
Score : 8.6 good
Since I am not sure if I am going to finish this dmod, I decided to reveal a little bit more of the main written story about this dmod project in this trailor review.
This is the introductory movie planned to be used for mimifish's first proposed epic dmod. It is one of the longest introductory dmod movies, if not the longest. In principle what you can see in the trailor is 80% of the full introductory movie in the full game, except the final scenes. In this trailor, you cannot play anything. All you can do is to sit back and watch a short film to reveal the beginning of another Dink adventure. Some cool cinematic effects are carefully designed, including lightening, thunder, and snowing. The midi music was chosen and played carefully. Some of them were carefully matched with the scenes, for example lightning always strike on a forte.

The bug in the first version regarding the ground turning into white BEFORE snow really reach the ground on some slower machine has been taken care in ver. 1.1. Although some of the people did not like that Dink and guard talks while they are running, I decided to keep them in there. (I know it is kind of hard for people to really follow what they were saying. Or maybe I should put their words on the bottom of the screen as a caption. Hmmm) I also add some more cool features and new splash and title screens that were planned to be used in the final version, including night shadow (lantern effect).

The starting overall story outline was given clearly, but many new features in the main game were not introduced here. So, as a trailer, it is worth the download, but I feel that I should at least include a little bit more screen in the main game to attract more public attention in the first place.

Here are some plots that I have already finished (or partially finished) for the main game. There will be 8 main cities/town in the new world. All tile screens wer modified from the original Dink tile sets so that give the new world a familar but slightly different overall feeling. (That's the main scene of this game: a parallel twin world to Dink's own world.) Each city or town is isolated from each other. Dink can get into the town or city only after he can move or remove the blocking stone in front of the gate of each city or town. Every city has a different style of monsters or a different life style. For example, in the first city, there are all kinds of BUGS, including the original pillbugs, spiders, pencilroaches, and mosquistoes. In the second town, it was an abandoned one and covered with water. Almost all people are living in underground below the lake/swamp land. So the monsters would be those suited for humid dungeons, for example the original spikes, slims, bats, and rats.

In principle, the towns' people have two different believes. It is not clear which belief is better than the other. By helping more people of one belief would give Dink a reputation of that belief, and might not be able to get any help from or to help those people with the other belief. Since each town is isolated, Dink can follow one belief in one town and follow the other belief in another town, because in different town and under different situations, one belief might look more righteous than the other.

The final outcome of the game would basically be decided by all the works Dink has done in each town, and finally Dink understands how these 2 worlds were connected and can stop the destruction of his own world by restore the new balance in the other world.

I know this is one hell of an ambitious project, especially for my first dmod. So the best bet that this dmod might never come out. Or at least it would follow FIAT's and Crosslink's path... released in the far future if Dink is still alive.

I would like give myself a little higher than I originally gave this trailor for the improvement in the new version.