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Attack of the Army (The)

A dead wizard Visiting the king. The titular attack of the army. From the COTPATD project.
August 23rd, 2003
Score : 2.9 horrible
Peasant Female Canada
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Attack of the Army (The) 1.0 by GlennGlenn

Dink is sent by the King to Kill an Army

The Pro's: Well at least GlennGlenn doesn't give up trying.

The Con's: Though the spelling was getting better, I started making up my own dialogue throughout the game (wow, I can walk through a rock!). No new magic, One sword to work with with the same old scenery seen 1,000 times before, and hey let the knights kill each other (ouchie and doh were my remarks). Took me a few minutes to Kill the Head Knight and then I was bounced out of the game. (Something I said??).

Overall: Keep trying GlennGlenn, maybe sometime in the future, you'll be able to make a good dmod