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Site For Me

This is a parody I made of a the rap song "Without Me" by Eminem.
The lyrics are about Dink and the Dink Network and are written and performed by me.

I posted this in the forum and have had a few people ask me to upload an MP3 version for download.
So here it is - the high quality MP3 version.
Released:March 19th, 2013
File Size:8.04 MB
Release Notes:It's now in-time. Lyrics have been updated to make it sound better.
Some of the lyrics are now relevant to the current state of the forums at the time this update is uploaded.
July 16th, 2009
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Dink is best known for its quirky humour. The original game still has the best humour I've ever seen in a video game. The humour, inevitably, carried over to the community and the D-Mods. But not everything is as funny as you'd hope.

Fortunately, Robj's Site For Me MP3 actually is.

Site For Me is basically a parody on Eminem's Without Me. And I'd say Robj's version is superior! Robj may not have the most clear voice or the best feel for rhythm, he ultimately pulled it off and made a clever and genuinely funny song with lyrics about instantly recognizable topics from the Dink Community. Not all lines are comedy gold, but most are still pretty funny, and I especially loved the piece about Necromancer. It's one of the few moments in Dink where I actually laughed out loud.

Robj, you are awesome.