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Why does this feel like the setup to an awful joke? From the COTPATD project.
January 4th, 2005
Score : 5.3 fair
A tad below average somehow...

Gameplay: 8
Actually, I thought the sequence of fights and powerups was good. Simple, but good. In terms of gameplay, this game would make a good mission as part of a larger dmod. It was balanced better than most romps, even though some of the enemies took an awfully long time to beat.

Style: 7
Lunacre decorated well, altough a few things really looked out of place, such as the knights, and the bushes on the final screen. Not much interaction . I didn't see any objects that I wanted to interact with (except the signs, which ARE scripted,) but it's nice to have stuff you can talk to. No new graphics. I liked the music, but it probably won't amaze anyone.

Story: 1
Uhh... not so much.

Overall: 5.3
Um, the update made this a lot better...?