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Here are four random MIDI's that I have created based on my own personal arrangements of pieces that don't required copyright (e.g. Fugue in d minor by J. S. Bach). They were the first few of a bunch of experimental MIDI's that I created from the evaluation version of the sequencer, NoteWorthy Composer (1.75c) after having been referred to it by DinkDude95. These are for anyone creating future D-Mods who may need a few new MIDI's for usage. I hope those who download and use them enjoy them as much I enjoyed creating them.

(*note- there are two pieces that were written for a computer that is now out of print, but I do give full credit to the composer and the company that used the music).

Description of the MIDI's (ALL of which are arranged by me)-
1- Mystery Forest, ideal for a dark/dangerous/mysterious forest scene. Any scene involving lots of tree's that are bunched together tightly or a sense of mislocation (e.g. when Dink is lost in a forest or in a nightly place) may be suitable for using this MIDI.

2- Fugue in d Minor, written by J. S. Bach- the second half of Bach's famous Toccata and Fugue in d minor medley. Ideal for dungeon scenes or any scenes located in the interior of a castle or castle-like structure (e.g. "The Hall of Heroes" in the D-mod, "Cast Awakening: Initiation", created by Matrice).

3- ****Victory March in G Major, written by Scott LaRocca (copyright © Interplay, 1988-1993)- This piece was written for the computer chess game, Battle Chess (v.93), produced by Interplay. Ideal for D-Mod endings or scenes where Dink is commended or given formal gratitude by the town he saved or by a royal figure (e. g. when Dink saved the town of Kernsin and its annual parade from the mischievous Cast Party in the original Dink game).

4- ****Tension/Despair in d minor, written by Scott LaRocca (copyright © Interplay, 1988-1993)- This piece was also written for Battle Chess (v. 93). Ideal for any scenes involving nighttime or a scare of any sort. Also suitable for any mysterious forest scenes.

****-Denotes the kind of pieces that don't have an ending
Released:January 31st, 2009
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Release Notes:"Mystery Forest" and "Despair in a minor" are now elongated.
December 10th, 2014
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LolitaChix releases 4 midis, although 2 of them already exist in her other midipack ('Despair in d minor' and 'Victory March in G Major'). There was no difference between the versions here and in the other midipack, as far as my ear could tell.

'Victory March in G Major' sucks, but the three other midis are great. Great! 'Mystery Forest' would be ideal for an, um, mysterious forest, while 'Despair in d minor' is pretty good at evoking a sense of, er, despair. Maybe with a pinch of pathos added in. Did I mention the song names are quite descriptive?

'Fugue in d Minor' is a classical piece, melancholy, lofty and somewhat chaotic. It would fit seamlessly into an appropriate scene in the main game. The original 'Toccata and Fugue in D Minor' by Johann Bach has an incredibly well known beginning, which I'm glad LolitaChix decided not to include here. With the beginning, the only place you could ever use this song in would be at an ultra cheesy vampire castle.

Even though there are just two new midis here, this file is good. The midis sound great, and they're also quite different in style from what other music makers on the site tend to produce. While joshriot's, Christiaan's and DinkDude95's midi packs are great for moshing boncas to death, Lolly's midis are simply beautiful, and fit different sorts of situations.