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Quest for Dorinthia 2: The Island Revenge

Jesus, Dorinthia, your dad is STANDING RIGHT THERE. From the COTPATD project.
September 8th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Female Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
Dink must save Dorinthia, in this second adventure written by Bill Syzczytko.

Pro's: This is a wonderful game, whether you are a novice or expert. In order to save Dorithia, Dink must solve several puzzles, some easy to find, others not so easy. Figuring out these puzzles might even lead you astray, but the *Boomerang*, which became my favourite weapon of all time, I didn't locate it until the 2nd time I played the game. At the time of the makimg of this Dmod, wizards, slimers, and pillbugs and a few others, were the usual enemy, so don't expect a StoneMan to get you. The scenery is a delight, and the music, is nicely balanced. And yes, I took complete joy out of burning every tree in sight.

Cons: The posters, which were suppose to give me a hint, and lack of juice bottles. Also this was pre-herb boots, so alot of walking has to be done.

Overall: A very entertaining game, which has still not lost its luster, and even better than Quest for Dorinthia 1