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This DMOD has a unique inventory screen. From the COTPATD project.
September 29th, 2006
Score : 7.2 good
Peasant Male United States
We begin with a very stylish opening. There are some cool effects graphics, however the opening monologue does perhaps run a bit long. Toss in some humor and you start off your quest.

You begin by stumbling on a destoryed village. There are tips most of the way directing you on what to do next. It is a well implemented system that keeps you on track since there is minimal interaction with NPCs (although when you do talk to a character, the dialogue is quite long).

There are a few simple tasks to accomplish, and lots of exploring to do. The balance of fighting/leveling and finding potions seems a bit off. Sure, it is nice to find the occasional strength potion, but when you find 4 mega potions so early and openly in the game, it makes me wonder why not just have the player start off their game with the stats in the first place.

Anyway, there is an obscure story that would have been better suited for a longer DMOD, although with such a short duration for development it is understandable.

When you do reach the boss (suddenly as it occurs) you begin fighting him. Seems pretty easy until he starts unleashing his minions upon you. Unfortunately, the game froze up on me as I was fighting him however I read the source code to read the ending, and I might say that it was pretty good. Perhaps a bit of a cop out, but again, citing the short development time (which is referenced quite nicely) it makes for a good humorous and 'failed' ending.

Overall, this DMOD has plenty of style, some neat graphic effects (although I wondered why entering a cave that was lit with a torch led further underground to a well lit level) and an interesting plot line (if not completely developed).

This DMOD was an entry into the Failure DMOD contest. My ranking (excluding my own entry for objectivity) #3 of 7