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Legend of the Ancients: The Capture

Dink casts a new fiery spell. From the COTPATD project.
August 28th, 2009
Score : 7.9 good
Peasant He/Him New Zealand rumble
"Skinny Legend" 

In Legend of the Ancients, Dink must take on the challenge of rescuing several of these powerful beings from one who's plan remains a mystery. Whatever his plans, Exdeathevn (That's me! ) has captured many of the Ancients.
During gameplay you can find many Dinkers from here at the DN as Ancients, which adds a nice touch in comparison to other Dmods. Although Godley does get picked on, which he may not enjoy when he gets to play
Also during gameplay you can find a Monument right at the start which, if interacted with, grants a boost to all stats. This is a subtle method of giving players a chance for an "Easy Mode" of sorts, although most skilled players won't need it.
Personal Rating: 8.4


Combat is a simple thing in this Dmod, with more Big Hearts scattered about than really seems necessary for a romp of this size.
However, LotA is still a fairly good Dmod. The storyline was well made, although many improvements could be made. The Firebomb spell for example, is the only magic available in the game; As nice as a spell that isn't the common Fireball magic is, some other spells would have added a nice touch.
Zeddexx clearly stated in the Dmod description that LotA is Open Source and can be freely modified as anyone see's fit, but the addition of areas after the final boss give a nice add-on area where Dmodders can extend the storyline at their leisure.
Personal Rating: 7.8

~~Graphics and Music~~

Many of the screens are well made, with lots of detail added to them. In some cases, the flammable trees and such may have been over-used, but this isn't much of a problem.
There are quite a few hardness errors on things such as stairs and some of the simple ground details, but otherwise playing through the Dmod has a nice feel to the visual aspect.
The glitch with the Bomb appearing as a Spear in the inventory, and not appearing at all in the equipped slot, could be fixed some time, but othewise there are no new Inventory items or icons.
As for Music, there aren't any new Midi's that players wouldn't have heard from other Dmods (so far as I can tell). However some of the music matches well, but other scenery music could have been replaced by something more mood-fitting.
Personal Rating: 7.2

In summary, Legend of the Ancients is a fairly straight-forward Dmod to play but is still an excellent romp/quest game to enjoy, and can easily be made into so much more by anyone willing to take the challenge.