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Hotel of the Middle Night

It's your job to find out Holy hell, that is gory.
February 12th, 2010
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Male
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Really, I wasn't really expecting much. No offense to Skull, but his older DMODS have been, well, bad.

Dink visits an island and finds a hotel for him and his crew to stay. This hotel is called Middle Night, and is haunted by the ghosts of the old owners. Dink takes a rest in his room and is awakened by loud footsteps, and a loud voice that shouts, "GO AWAYYY!!". It's your job to find out what is going on at this hotel. this is really short, and is only the first part of a trilogy. But from what I have seen, this is in dire need of a sequel very soon. This is a great concept that must not be quit.
This will be the last time I critique a game based on its visuals, because graphics don't make a great game. But I will say that the use of the night tiles really set the atmosphere of this Halloween Mystery. The cape and cloaked guy from the storage room were very nicely done (who could that guy be!?).
Mapping and Scripting
The Mapping: Very nice with little hardness errors. The caverns could be very confusing, for you start in the middle of a room when you enter them, so you can't really tell how to get back, or where to go (that is of course, not back where you came).
The Scripting: Very well done. The intro sequence is passable, which is very nice, because you can continue the story the moment you're done reading, instead of having to wait a few more seconds after reading. There were some minor spelling mistakes, but they're easily ignored. It can be confusing that the bed is the only save bot in this game, though.
Overall and Final Comments
So, overall, Skull made a nice, exciting game, that ends on a cliffhanger that really makes you wait in anticipation when the next will be released. I can't wait until Skull decides to make the sequel to this. On a side-note, he could have just squeezed all the parts into one game, for it is a little too short.