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Green Axe Knight

The Green Axe Knight
October 3rd, 2006
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male United States
The Green Knight is a wonderful addition to the list of available graphics in the Dink library, and you get all the nessecary info to plug it right into your DMOD.

This colossus stands head and shoulders above the typical Dink Smallwood graphics and for that reason I think you see a bit of clunkiness in it's movements. With only 6 frames of animation per attack sequence (where the 'wooden' movements are most noticable) you are going to see some stiffness . Mind you, this isn't any fault of the creator, but somewhat required to fit in with the game engine. Make more frames and you have to move them faster which with a large character like this would look out of place.I much prefer the slower 'wooden' (very acceptable, but I can see what Sabre is refering to) movements for an overlarge character like this than a smooth, too-fast animation sequence.

Of course everyone around here knows Simon sets the bar high with his graphical releases. This is no exception.