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Dink's Quest in the Icelands

Dink holds a yard sale. From the COTPATD project.
February 6th, 2010
Demo Release
Score : 1.6 horrible
Peasant He/Him New Zealand rumble
"Skinny Legend" 
General Details:
This Dmod is a demo version for Dink's Quest in the icelands. Supposedly it's about Dink travelling to some Iceland, but all it seems to be about so far is Dink having a letter at some post office and not being able to ever get there. Only thing you can do is explore a few screens and slaughter a few pillbugs, as well as interact with very few sprites.

Graphical Rating: 1
No new sprites and very little detail used whatsoever. From what I could tell there were only 15 screens (not all are even accessible except through lack of hardness), most of which had little to nothing on them. Including an incaccessible gold heart, a slightly difficult to find section of pillbug screens, a terribly hidden road spanning two screens that stops completely, only one talking NPC (Skorn himself, go figure) and not even a way to walk inside your own house.

Music: 0
There IS no music to play the game to. Not even a titlescreen midi.

Final notes:
This "Demo" is a very poor excuse for one, with little interaction with anything and no apparent storyline available whatsoever. Couple this fact with little combat (not difficult either), no background music and a painful-to-look-at titlescreen, and you have 130KB worth of uselessnes on your hard drive for the time being. Next time, Skorn, release your demo with A LOT more content for better results.