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Dink with Shovel

This is the dink with shovel graphics I made by just replacing the sword with a shovel. It is for the D=Mod I am making called the Arbiter of Darkness.
Released:July 4th, 2008
File Size:504.63 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
June 24th, 2010
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male Sweden steam
Dink with Shovel

The "Dink with Shovel" graphics pack contains images with dink holding a shovel - as expected. It's made by replacing the sword with a graphic of a shovel on every frame. It's something that isn't very hard to do; but it takes a huge amount time and is really, really boring. Therefore it's great that someone else made the job for you, especially if you are lazy, like me.

So far, so good; but this file is not perfect. First of all, there are no script for the shovel! Scripting a shovel isn't very easy to do, and it would be good for at least the newcomers to have some kind of guide. I've done my own script for it which can be found in the my mod "Agatha Smallwood's Will", it's named "item-sw1". It's not commented and very messy, but maybe I'll make a new someday with a guide and proper commenting so it's easy to follow.

The graphics themselves also have flaws.The shovel's shadow still have the shape of a sword, it looks ugly and unfinished. Another problem that also is caused by the fact that the shovel are based on the sword is that there are no digging graphics. This leaves the developer with a choice between fading down the screen while the digging is done and making your own graphics for it.

One thing that wouldn't have been to hard for the owner of this file to do before starting with the image replacement would have been to make the graphics for the shovel look better. To tell the truth I think this one is terrible. The handle have a very light yellow colour, almost white, I think a dark brown would have made this a much better file.


This file isn't very good looking, and most of us could make a better one...but nobody will as we are to lazy. This file doesn't deserve the score I give it by being well made but because of being made.