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Dink with Shovel

This is the dink with shovel graphics I made by just replacing the sword with a shovel. It is for the D=Mod I am making called the Arbiter of Darkness.
Released:July 4th, 2008
File Size:504.63 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
September 21st, 2008
Score : 7.0 good
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This file contains graphics of Dink standing and walking with a shovel in hand, and swinging it like a sword. Actually it's just that, the original sword graphics with a shovel replacing the sword: Many other files on this website use the same method, however, for a shovel, you'd except digging graphics, as well as an inventory picture and a test DMOD that would let you see how the shovel works in real game. None of this is included, instead, you get several unnecessary Thumbs.db files. These are just files that Windows generates to display thumbnails faster, and they should have been deleted before releasing the graphics.

As for the shovel itself, it looks fine. It's clear that the graphics are just pasted on the sword with little aid of advanced graphic editing programs, but this is cool and didn't really bother me at all. What is not cool is that the shadows of the graphics haven't been altered. Although Dink is holding a shovel, the shadow still looks like he's holding a sword. The handle of the shovel is also so bright that it almost looks like it's glowing with an inner light. Unless you want to have a Light Shovel of some sort, a darker brownish alternative would have been nice. =)

In the end though, I absolutely love this file. The author's lack of experience shows but the most important part, the graphics, look okay and anything besides that is just wishing the cake had more cream on it. The concept is awesome and really suits Dink, whom I have somewhat of a hard time imagining as a finesse fighter with a finely balanced longsword or Dinkorro's rapier. The shovel fits him like a red armband and beheading ducks with this thing should be great fun.