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Dink Vs. Milder 2

From the COTPATD project.
June 13th, 2006
Score : 8.0 good
Due to my promise to change it as well as a growing animosity towards me... I have edited my old review-

Wow... This one was quite similar to the original...The title and explanation are quite confusing in the sense that they trick you into thinking that this is a sequel to the original D v. M. Well-guess what? It's not! It is really the same D-Mod only with quite a bit more material added. Basically this is what the original should have been...This is another way the title tricks you. It is not a demo at all but rather an unfinished D-Mod.

same ol`, same ol`, Though a bit of humor was added. The old plot was not terrific either... Dink learns that Milder is hitting on Libby so he goes to challenge Milder to the death...However, due to a strange circumstance Dink is transported to the future were Milder rules all and must seek Martridge's help. I think that it was the remaining parts of the original that bothered me the most... the new material was far superior and it is anyones guess why Cypry decided to stick with the old beginning...I did not think that it was the greatest story, but it was interesting and better than average.

The midis were alright...except the one for the forest and the one for the maze, two places in which you are required to spend a great deal of time in.

The gameplay here bothered me. Some of the monsters were ridiculously easy, while others were very hard...there isn't even an endboss! I felt that the riddle should have been later in the game, but otherwise it was all right... it definitely fooled me. There are a lot of bothersome tasks like trying to find 5 sticks so that you can get a lantern, and then kill every bonca in sight until you find a key... these task are made all the more tedious because the map is so large. A big redeeming factor for me was the new, more traditional click-F5-to-save idea. This meant that I no longer had to scout out for savebots. The ingame menu was streamlined and superior to the original in my opinion. It has functions for Saving, Loading, Mapping Keys, Help, and Quitting. I feel that this is the layout that should have been used for the menu in the original.


Alright... It was not too enjoyable... but it was well done. The graphics, midis, and overly large dungeons bothered me- but I think that this has one of the best user interfaces of any D-Mod yet. Well done Cypry...

June 12th, 2006
Score : 8.7 good
I answered the riddle on the first try, but I could see how someone could think it was hard. (If you're stuck: read the first line carefully, and consider who the subject of the sentence is.) Anyhow, I thought this game was good. There's nothing terribly novel, but there are a couple of good scripted sequences with lots of sprites dancing around.

Style: 8
The music is new, and although it gets annoying at points, it is generally well placed. I noticed one new graphic, which looks a little out of place. As far as I can tell, there are no new enemies. The decoration is exceedingly pretty, but the map isn't that big. The scripting is very solid: nothing broken, but nothing terribly involved. There is a lot of expository dialogue, especially in one cutscene; on this note, the cutscenes look excellent. Overall, the style is similar to Simeon's, but maybe with more humor.

Gameplay: 8
Again, very solid. It feels like a lot of time went into balancing this game, not just in terms of the fighting, but also the general gameplay. It's definitely challenging, but quite beatable without looking at a walkthrough. On the other hand, there are no weapons and there's only one spell (the venerable fireball.)

Story: 10
I like this story a lot. For once, Dink isn't just interested in saving the world; there's also a personal side.
October 8th, 2007
Score : 9.4 exceptional
it's an excellent dmod

plus points:
great story
requires keen observation
the sense of humour of the author is great,that shows in the game,just like the original dink smallwood

weak points:
spelling mistakes

Apart from that the enemies are slightly easy,but they are many and so the difficulty level is just right
Overall ,it's an enjoyable dmod demo