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Desert Tiles Graphics

July 12th, 2002
Score : 6.5 fair
This is another version of desert tiles amde by Dethlord. The color of these desert tiles are the bright yellow. However, it gave me the feeling that you got in SOB's "Gold town" instead of a desert. To me, the saturation of the color is a little too much to look real like a desert. Yes, you expect to feel the sun all over you, but you should also get a feeling of sand and possible mirage feeling. Hence you should get such dust-like feeling. It looks too clean to me to believe it to be desert. So I am NOT going to rate it based on the desert tile name.

For tile No. 38, as an alternative new tile, it does a pretty decent job for giving the tile set a new addition. The bad thing about this is that there is no shadow caused by the presence of the hills or on the "sand" itself. I always thought the snow tiles are one of the worst tiles in original Dink because most of the snow ground did not give you any feeling of 3D real surface. But even in snow-hill tiles, you got some shadow or brightness around the boundary between hill and snow. This tile does not have any 3D feeling. If you try to fill the whole screen with the "sand" only, you might think it is a smooth floor instead of a desert! The contrast in the hill itself is a little too much. The hill and the sand just do not have a matching feeling. Some people might say my cracked land blending too much, but I would say this tile does not blend at all. Those white spots on the hill make them look more like a hill connected to snow ground instead of sand.

For tile No. 40, it is a crossover from sand to grass. As the other reviewer pointed out, it has only straight line, no round corners. In fact, you cannot make a good transition at all, because this tile does not include the corner, even a 90 degree corner! An also the transition did not take at the similar locations for the opposite sides. One transition is near the edge of a 50x50 tile, while the other side is close to the middle of the tile square! And the grass tile he chose is one of the not-so-seamless one. I really don't like to see this kind of grass to fill up the whole screen. But that's the main problem from the original Dink tiles, though. ;p

So, in short, this is a nicely done tile set, however it did not resemble well to sand, desert, or any 3D outdoor surface. The transitions between grass and sand and between sand and hill are not very good. No shadow what-so-ever to show the feeling of wildland's surface.

Unless you do like this tile set and have a great use in your dmod, this is not a practically very useful tile set. If you are looking for a desert tile, SimonK's SOB desert tile is still the best choice right now. I kind of feel sorry for his effort since he did a pretty decent, but I can only give a 6.5 score for this set.
June 22nd, 2002
Score : 8.1 good
Peasant Female
The Desert Tile Graphics v1.2 contains 2 tiles (TS38 and TS40) for making a desert.

Good: The used colours give a very good impression of a desert in the heat of the day. They also give the impression of what most people think a desert looks likes: just sand.
You have the possibility to let the desert shade off into grass.
When placing the tiles next to one another, they blend perfectly; you can stamp for example the desert tiles wherever you want and there will be no visible separation.
The author refers to another graphics pack – the Stone of Balance Graphics pack – in which sprites can be found to add to the desert.
The hills are new in this version and they add the nice possibility of ending the dessert in a different way than converting it to grass.

Not so good: There are no round corners in the grass-parts for ending the desert so you’ll have to do with just a straight end or some corners at an angel of 90 degrees.
The shade off from sand into grass would be better if it had at first the inkling of grass, then a bit more grass and if it had some curves instead of just a straight line.

Remark: In this version one tile is left out that was in the earlier version, namely TS35. This tile resembles truly a scorching desert and it almost hurts the eye, just as a real desert can do. This TS35 is an amazingly beautiful example of a heat-sizzling desert, and I regret that it is left out of this version. The author state that that was done because only the other design was used for the desert to grass conversion. But I particularly like TS35 and I’m glad I downloaded the earlier version before this one came out. Perhaps the author can give it some thought and put this tile back in (with a shade off into the other desert design) so others can enjoy it too…

General remark: If you’d put this pack and The Stone of Balance Desert Tiles by SimonK together, you’d have all the tiles you need to make every desert you wish. The only problem is that the tiles of those two don’t blend.

Overall: You can make with this pack a beautiful scorching desert.