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Day and Night

August 25th, 2003
Score : 2.0 horrible
Peasant He/Him Australia
Yes, day and night and it works once you've figured out how to install it.

Basically unzip the graphics into your graphics folder, find the dink.ini lines in the readme file, copy them into your DMOD's ini file (as long as you're not using sequence numbers 970-973, then open your main.c script for the DMOD and add a new global &time. Now launch DinkEdit or WDE and go place the new sprite on a screen and attach the script daynight.c to it.

Now it should work.

I didn't like the transition to night, nor the real night effect. Having read mimifish's review I might go look at his trailer again to see what he did, as it occured to me that the lantern effect Dan did might be a better way to go. I've tried using the palette trick which is great until you change screens or do a warp... palette looks cool... until then.

This file is not really useful, and not user friendly.

2 out of 10