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Coloured Blood Pack 1

This is a pack of 5 different colours of blood. Made to be used with the new redink.exe ver 0.03 - but can be used with the standard Dink if you wanted to change everyone's blood.

There are 5 new colours: Blackish (Deep Purple), Blue, Green, (off)White, Yellow. These are just tints/colourisations of the original blood. I plan to do more soon.
Released:February 10th, 2004
File Size:125.57 KB
Release Notes:1.00
June 16th, 2007
Score : 8.7 good
Peasant Male Australia steam
The guy with the cute D-Mod. 
Wow, coloured blood. Have you got bored of the red blood yet? Do you long for something colourful? I know I do. You see, with this pack now you can have coloured blood. Simon has promised to do more, but he hasn't and probably doesn't plan to.

This isn't perfect but it's alright. So I guess it deserves a decent amount of points.

8.7 out of 10