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Cloud Castle 2: Scarab

Boss mode! The Cloud Castle series has always been full of bugs.
March 23rd, 2005
Score : 9.8 exceptional
SabreTrout and Arik have done an exceptional job with this killer DMOD. It kept me thinking and checking the various dink sites to hear what others were saying.

As you may have read in other reviews, this is the sequel to Cloud Castle. The fairy MonkeyNuts sends Alessa, Dink, and Fabian to a desert prison. Dink spends the DMOD trying to find a way to free the unjustly imprisoned people and fighting the Scarab Club Seven. Overall, the storyline is impressively vivid and spiced up with witty dialogue, making you "lol" if you will.

The graphics and mapping in this game were expertly done. If you are looking for something poorly thrown together, search elsewhere, because the authors of this DMOD went to a lot of trouble to make it beautiful on top of functional. The game is long for a quest, -- it took this player approximately 12 hours the first time through -- but as other reviews have stated, there is only one town so it is just out of reach for an epic. Also, the music was interesting, borrowed from other DMODS and games, but it gave the right amount of character to the adventure.

Other interesting parts to the game: various types of battles, various endings, other characters can join your party, and you never want it to end!

The only problems I encountered were in the cave that Dink follows the evil prophet to in two of the endings, the game would get overloaded and move extremely slowly. This may be due to my aging computer, or to an error in the game. In light of the rest of the worry free gameplay, this is minor because it didn't really mess up the game.

SabreTrout and Arik, I think I am in love with you. Although I could bare both of your children, I think I'll make you fight it out. Seriously though, this pair deserves mucho respect for there wonderful work on this DMOD quest.