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Cast Awakening Part 1: Initiation

Mwahaha!! I'm killing blobs with a loaf of bread! Either Dink's been Drinking or hes dreaming It was at that moment that Dink thought that maybe the quiet life would have been a better choice.
Released:September 29th, 2014
File Size:8.16 MB
Release Notes:General
-Overall: more hints, and a tad easier.
-Should be able to be used with existing saves with no issues (hopefully?)
-Death can no longer appear directly on top of Dink.
-Death says a couple different things depending on how many people are dead.
-Death visits upon Dink death much more likely.
-The common random quips are both more random and more common.
-Quicksword is now quicker!
-Shock magic more shocking (probably more useful than Rainball).
-Pureevil's Alcoholic Alcohol more effective. Indication when used successfully.
-Pig feed dialog when used.
-Cast members more likely to die in Ending 3.
-Stat potion drops slightly more likely.
-Title screen animations can no longer hit sparklies or mouse pointer.
-Gold hearts appear when opening chests.
-Fixed a couple typos.

Level 0
-Reduced effort for alternative red-field removal.
-Properly stop midi on final battle (darn loopmidi doesn't listen to stopmidi).

Level 1
-Added new book with force field hints.
-Added hint for breakable wall.
-Added hints for table movement.
-Fountains heal.
-Added another alternative way past riddle gate (and new hint).

Level 3
-Added additional hint for bed maze.
-Added additional hint for never-ending cavern.
-Added alternate ways past the post gate.
-Added another alternative way past riddle gate.
-Thumpy stays dead.

Level 4
-Secret slot machine functionality indicates when it is active.
-Fixed issues with green key dropping (killing guy before talking to, killing after granted green key, etc).
-Fixed issues with yellow key appearing (did not appear when Mike was killed).
-Fixed issue with dance option not appearing for DinkHD.
-Removed penalties for killing Mike and Arena Man.
-Added script for goblin hut.
-Removed errant bush from secret cutscene (even though it was somewhat appropriate, come to think of it).
-Added hint for movable shelf.
-Cookie prices changed (less gold, more stats).

Level 5
-Added hints for bed movement.
-Added hints for blob spawner.
-Significantly reduced boss health.
-Added another alternative way past riddle gates.

Level 6
-Added hints for bed movement.
-Bombs may be attained without gold.
-Made dragon fight easier.

-Added hint for purple key location.
-Added hint for bonca cave.
-Added hint for Gertrude.
-Increased gold cache.

Training Grounds
-Added hints for flame sword location.
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Released:September 20th, 2007
File Size:8.16 MB
Release Notes:General
-Fixed several midi issues. Music now plays properly when Dink meets the Cast King in the intro, when Dink meets Bill for the second time (Level 1), when Death appears, and when you watch the credits.
-Ending 3 and Ending 4 can now be watched correctly even if Dink has 0HP or less when the ending is triggered.
-Fixed a nasty bug that could cause Cast soldiers to become invincible under certain circumstances.
-Removed erroneous information in readme.txt.
-Death can no longer appear when he's not supposed to.

Level 3
-All of the staircases are now using the proper graphics.

Level 4
-The slot machine is now fully functional (including a certain secret).

Level 7
-Fixed a minor flaw regarding gold rocks.

-Dink is no longer able to push the blocking stones when he's not supposed to.
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Released:December 11th, 2005
File Size:8.15 MB
Release Notes:v1.0.2
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