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Cast Awakening Part 1: Initiation

It was at that moment that Dink thought that maybe the quiet life would have been a better choice. Mwahaha!! I'm killing blobs with a loaf of bread! Either Dink's been Drinking or hes dreaming
Released:September 29th, 2014
File Size:8.16 MB
Release Notes:General
-Overall: more hints, and a tad easier.
-Should be able to be used with existing saves with no issues (hopefully?)
-Death can no longer appear directly on top of Dink.
-Death says a couple different things depending on how many people are dead.
-Death visits upon Dink death much more likely.
-The common random quips are both more random and more common.
-Quicksword is now quicker!
-Shock magic more shocking (probably more useful than Rainball).
-Pureevil's Alcoholic Alcohol more effective. Indication when used successfully.
-Pig feed dialog when used.
-Cast members more likely to die in Ending 3.
-Stat potion drops slightly more likely.
-Title screen animations can no longer hit sparklies or mouse pointer.
-Gold hearts appear when opening chests.
-Fixed a couple typos.

Level 0
-Reduced effort for alternative red-field removal.
-Properly stop midi on final battle (darn loopmidi doesn't listen to stopmidi).

Level 1
-Added new book with force field hints.
-Added hint for breakable wall.
-Added hints for table movement.
-Fountains heal.
-Added another alternative way past riddle gate (and new hint).

Level 3
-Added additional hint for bed maze.
-Added additional hint for never-ending cavern.
-Added alternate ways past the post gate.
-Added another alternative way past riddle gate.
-Thumpy stays dead.

Level 4
-Secret slot machine functionality indicates when it is active.
-Fixed issues with green key dropping (killing guy before talking to, killing after granted green key, etc).
-Fixed issues with yellow key appearing (did not appear when Mike was killed).
-Fixed issue with dance option not appearing for DinkHD.
-Removed penalties for killing Mike and Arena Man.
-Added script for goblin hut.
-Removed errant bush from secret cutscene (even though it was somewhat appropriate, come to think of it).
-Added hint for movable shelf.
-Cookie prices changed (less gold, more stats).

Level 5
-Added hints for bed movement.
-Added hints for blob spawner.
-Significantly reduced boss health.
-Added another alternative way past riddle gates.

Level 6
-Added hints for bed movement.
-Bombs may be attained without gold.
-Made dragon fight easier.

-Added hint for purple key location.
-Added hint for bonca cave.
-Added hint for Gertrude.
-Increased gold cache.

Training Grounds
-Added hints for flame sword location.
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