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browser editor

This is a pre-release of browser editor, a D-Mod editor that runs in a web browser.

How to install:
Unpack the file in your dmods directory. It contains editor.html, a directory named editor which contains internal files, and a directory named dink that contains all the files from the main game that are required. Using the main game's directory instead should work, but the graphics must be unpacked and if you have a case sensitive filesystem, all filenames must be lowercase.

How to use:
With Firefox (other browsers are untested but may work), open editor.html. Add '?dmodname' to the end of the location. So if you want to open the "karel" dmod and your dmods directory is /home/shevek/dmods, the location should be file:///home/shevek/dmods/editor.html?karel

You will want to open the debugging console using ctrl-shift-k. This lets you see any messages that the editor gives. In particular, there may be messages about errors in the ini file, or missing files (like scripts that are used but don't exist).

Loading may take a while, please wait a few minutes if nothing happens. If there are errors in the console, waiting is probably useless. Please report such errors to me.

After clicking on the map, you can use - and = to zoom out and in, _ and + to use smaller steps, and 0 to set the zoom back to 100%. Hold alt and drag over the map to pan the view.

What doesn't work:
Everything else. This is only a pre-release, it cannot be used for editing yet. It can however be used to find bugs in your D-Mod. Because this may be useful to people, I decided to upload this already.

The editor loads the entire D-Mod into memory. Firefox is not very quick with releasing that memory after it is no longer used. This means it is easy to make the machine hang by reloading the page several times. However, reloading is useful when using the editor for fixing bugs in dink.ini, for example. There is a workaround: close the browser tab and go to about:memory. Click Minimize memory usage. Then right click the tab bar and select Undo Close Tab.
Released:May 2nd, 2018
File Size:13.66 MB
Release Notes:The previous version contained a rather large useless subdirectory, which has been removed here. It also allows ; comments and LEFTALIGN in dink.ini.

Aside from the usage instructions that I added to the previous release, there is one thing I forgot to mention: