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Bloop the Fish

Shark Guy
February 18th, 2002
Score : 2.5 horrible
Since my nickname has fish in it, I had to download this dmod and try it out despite the horrible reviews people gave.

Well, it's different, but it's bad. Almost all graphics and tiles are different from Dink. You play a fish who can learn how to shoot a deadly bubble which can kill sharks and spikes. It's apparently that all new graphics were drawed bare-handed by the simple (and bad) MSpaint. There also a few bad scripting bugs, bad map hardness, and map glitches. Screenlock won't disappear after you kill a shark. I don't know if there is an ending or not.

Overall, if you like to see what you can do with the dink engine but not the advanced Dinkanoid and have a lot of free time, you could try this one out. But I'm not going to say anything else but give this one a 2.5...