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Beginning of Evil

Most of the DMOD is a lot like this.
March 21st, 2004
Score : 7.8 good
Peasant Male
I liked this mod. It had little bugs, but i didnīt let them disappoint me. (I myself have so many bugs i my mods ) The mod is very hard. It has lots of fighting, but i dont care, because i like more kickin butt than solving puzzles. The story was blur to me, maybe because of my english skills, or because it was too boring.

Graphics:Some new, does the job.
Sound: Some new, nothing world turning.
Map:Smooth, but not detailed.
Music:Zelda musics, i love them!
Gameplay:Had some nice ideas, like caves room puzzle.Took a while to solve. Contains LOTS of figthing, so if you are puzzler, you may choose something else. The similiars to Zelda were nicely done, like powerbraser and the first boss.
Overall: If you like Zeldas,fighting and little bit puzzles, this is for you. (Like me)