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2005-12-16 20:25:15
I love SOB I played it when it first came out.I like Pilgrims Quest also. But I haven't played any d-mods until recently. Had a virus that wiped out my machine. Had it fixed but bought a new one in the meantime. I have a dell xp but my last machine was also an xp. Anyway I am playing sob again but in the first story when I get in the cave for the flute, after I set off the bomb everything slows up so bad that I can slowly count to seven before the move I put in works. It took me almost an hour to finish in the cave and then I couln't line up exactly to exit the cave. Sorry to bore you guys with this tale but I am a big dink fan and if anyone can help me I would appreciatae I am a grandmother of 4 I just turned 71 on Dec 1st. so please help.