The Dink Network

Recondite Twenty-Seven: Succession

As of today, Tal is now the 'king' of The Dink Network. Please give him a round of applause, and maybe some nice blaring trumpets.

For more, please see the comments.

Long Time Coming

On August 20, 1998, redink1's Smallnet was launched. While other Dink sites slowly stopped updating, I continued to upload D-Mods and post news. After months of these updates, I realized this was a lot of work. Man, if I could get other people to help out...

On June 29, 1999, The Dink Network was launched. This web site welcomed other staff members to post D-Mods, write news stories, and more. But, while other staff members slowly stopped visiting the site and doing their duties, I continued to upload D-Mods and post news. After weeks of these updates, I realized this was still a lot of work. Man, if I could sucker someone else into running The Dink Network...

On August 20, 1999, I posted to the old, official Dink Smallwood forum and asked if anyone else wanted to take over The Dink Network. Nobody responded.

Several years pass.

On January 9, 2008, I'm finally passing the torch to Tal. I think we came up with this idea like 4 or 5 years ago, but at the time, The Dink Network required a lot of manual administration that I didn't feel I could teach to Tal (my fault as a teacher, not Tal's fault as a student). So I spent years working on 'G9'. After dozens of designs, concepts, and false-starts, we're at a point where things usually work.

What Does This Mean?

You should go to Tal for any complaints and suggestions. You should also ask him to approve any D-Mods (or any other files) that may be pending.

I will still be paying the bill for The Dink Network, and I'll still fix any bugs that might come up. I will stop visiting the forum regularly, but I'll still check in from time-to-time.

Lunar Phases

I still have some plans for G9 Phase 4 that I'll probably implement in the next few months.

Poll Comments

Poll 60: Were you upset that the last poll was not changed in quite some time?

1. I killed the poll. Not the godlikes, not the admin, not the staff, but me. That's what happens when I get angry. I kill thing. And I was angry.

Poll 62: Scariest Animal

2. Walking down a alleyway.. and you just see Tal sitting there, God thats scarey enough to make you want to comit suicide rather then wait to see what it will do to you,
1. All rats, snakes, spiders, centipedes and wasps serve some useful purpose in the circle of life. I know a LOT of humans who serve no useful purpose whatsoever, hehe.

Poll 66: Current level of education?

1. one, why not join me, no use taking up two tables on such a busy night!" Giving him a quick once over, Lois de long for Lois that she was sexually on the edge of a cliff and it would only take one little shove to push her over it! Her mother had been on h

Poll 68: Primary mode of transportation?

1. Riding Tal? I knew the Dink Network was warped, but honestly... I still picked that option, but that's beside the point.

Poll 70: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

1. Didn't we have this poll before? I won of course, but that's just because I'm awsome. More awsome than chickens.

Poll 71: What is your favorite subject?

1. I felt like I couldn't choose between maths and science, but in the end the smiley somehow caught me...

Poll 74: Favorite Mythical Creature?

1. Horny horsies! No wait, that sounds wrong.

Poll 75: On average, how much sleep (in hours) do you get per night?

1. I want to choose something that includes the limiting values, your poll sucks. Sucks! Lots and lots!

Poll 77: When it comes to soda companies, I like:

1. XXX goat incest

Poll 80: Who would win in a fight?

1. Being the only chick besides Chuck Norris (and she's got hairy legs), Zelda _has_ to win.

Poll 86: Favorite Musical Instrument?

3. Whoa, this is hard...
2. Don't you love listening to cracking joints? I can crack my chest.
1. Hello! World!.Hello! World!.Hello! World!.Hello! World!.Hello! World!.Hello! World!.Hello! World!.Hello! World!.Hello! World!.Hello! World!.Hello! World!.Hello! World!

Poll 88: The new web site design...

1. I like the new look VERY much. Makes me think that Dink is still alive. Thanks to ALL of you dedicated Dinkers for makinjg this 54-year old Geezer very happy.

Poll 90: What's up?

1. The poll reaches an indescribable low. Also, the box I'm typing in has such a tiny font I barely see it with my glasses on.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Chrispy, for voting (and commenting) on nearly every poll. 2nd place goes to Sharp.


Wookies Song


Goodbye, fellow Dinkers. It has been a blast.