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Recent Release Rumble Q1/Q2 2009 Results

Two weeks ago we launched the first Recent Release Rumble, and now, the results are in! Click on comments to see them!

In total, there were 14 votes per category. The winners earn a mention in their file's description (like: "Best D-Mod of Q2 2009") and, along with the numbers two, qualify for the Download of the Year awards.

Now, for the results:

Non D-Mod files

3rd place
Duck Approved (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Dink Approved (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Dink Smallwood FreeMap (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Cliff-water tiles (0 votes, 0% of votes)
The Dink Smallwood quest script generator (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Afterimages (0 votes, 0% of votes)

2nd place
List of Available Sequences for Dink.ini (1 vote, 7.1% of votes)

1st place
An introduction to DMOD making (13 votes, 92.9% of votes)


3rd place
GoldSeeker (0 votes, 0% of votes)
An Aeophian Adventure: Dink goes to Aeophia (0 votes, 0% of votes)

2nd place
Infinidink (3 votes, 21.4% of votes)

1st place
Chores (11 votes, 78.6% of votes)

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for voting!