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Recent Release Rumble Q1 2010 Results

The results for the RRR Q1 2010 are in. It was really close, so click on comments to check it out!

In total, 18 members voted. The winners earn a mention in their file's description (like: "Best D-Mod of Q1 2010") and, along with the numbers two, qualify for the Download of the Year awards.

Non D-Mod files

6th place
Flying Plasma Shocker (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Ninja-Bot Die Graphics (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Flying Ninja-Bot Head (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Inner Graphics Pack (0 votes, 0% of votes)

5th place
Windmill (1 vote, 6.3% of votes)

3rd place
10 Sword Icons (3 votes, 18.8% of votes)
Percentage Based Potions (3 votes, 18.8% of votes)

2nd place
IPD Pack 1 (4 votes, 25% of votes)

1st place
Potion Bag System (5 votes, 31.3% of votes)


5th place
Platform Dink (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Dink's Quest in the Icelands (0 votes, 0% of votes)

4th place
FallDink (1 vote, 5.6% of votes)

3rd place
Dong (4 votes, 22.2% of votes)

2nd place
Historical Hero (6 votes, 33.3% of votes)

1st place
Three Amulets (7 votes, 38.9% of votes)

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for voting!