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New D-Mods: Silent Protagonist Contest Entries

The Silent Protagonist Contest began on October 24th, and the deadline was just moments ago. Three entries have been submitted.

Here they are, in order of submission:

First, megadogV2 has submitted his first D-Mod Silence. This D-Mod follows a character named Imogen, who loses her voice, and must go on an adventure to find it again.

Next, the copiously creative duo of CocoMonkey and MsDink worked together on Dinkgon Warrior. This is an adaptation of the NES classic Dragon Warrior (or Dragon Quest as it was called in Japan). This is a turn-based adventure, and follows up until you rescue the princess.

And finally, I submitted Cast Awakening Part 5: Revolution. This is a rogue-like-like, and is essentially a randomized dungeon crawler with a variety of weapons, enemies, locations, and secrets.

Best of luck to everyone!

For more details about the voting, please see the comments.

Voting Rules

Because we have three entries, each team (megadogV2, CocoMonkey/MsDink, and me) will each select the best entry following the criteria laid out in the original contest post:

1) The theme for this contest is Silent Protagonist. This means that, outside of the introduction and/or finale, the player character can not talk. The spirit of the contest would be to create a standard Dink-style D-Mod, but one in which the character does not (or cannot) talk.

2) The D-Mod should be fairly short. The map must be 60 screens or less. Ideally, it would be a Romp (or small Quest).

3) Judging will be done by the contest entrants themselves (where you cannot vote for your own D-Mod). In case of a team effort, that team gets one vote.

4) The D-Mods will be judged both on overall quality and how well they follow the theme.

Based on those criteria, each team will select the best entry. After playing through each entry (you don't need to necessarily complete each entry), please send your votes to scratcher and sparrowhawk. (I don't want to see the votes beforehand, just so there's no chance I could split the vote and result in a tie or win or whatever).

Let's try to get our votes in by around January 19th. If we get them sooner, all the better.

If you have any questions, please post below.