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Download of the Year Awards 2009

After a full year of Recent Release Rumbles, the time has come to decide which D-Mod and which non D-Mod file are the absolute best of the bunch. As you probably know, the two D-Mods and two non D-Mod files with the highest amount of votes of each RRR have qualified for this DOTY. For the same old rules, check out the previous RRR.

The DOTY is a prestigious happening. The winners not only get eternal fame, but they also get to pick a cool prize. What can they choose from? Well, take a look:

Dead Dragon Carcass Wall Clock
DinkC Reference Book
Dink Smallwood Mug
Dead Dragon Carcass Mouse Pad
Dink Smallwood Boxer Shorts
Headless Duck Magnet

Pretty cool prizes, I reckon!

So, dear Dinkers, please vote now for your favorite D-Mod and favorite non D-Mod file, and please, make sure you have tried all the entries!

Check out the comments to see the participants.

Cast your vote by posting a comment with your choice. Voting ends next saturday!

Non D-Mod files

An introduction to DMOD making
List of Available Sequences for Dink.ini
Site For Me
Chests and Breakables
Dink Wallpaper 3


Dink and the Bonca
The Savebot Massacre
Day of the Carcass
The Quest for Not Quite as Lame