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dink squad project: dink smallwood fan art contest

dink squad: dink smallwood fan art contest

open the comments to read it, silly

ok ladies and gentlemen, its time for me to stop this foolishness. dink squad contests are pretty much a failure. the DDC dmod contest was up for 6 months at least and i didnt receive a single entree. sure maybe it just wasnt that good of an idea but when 8 people claim to be making one in a BOLD FACED LIE it comes to a point when i need to just come out and say that it sucks. it all sucks.

i came up with a simple idea on the forum to just get rid of all the prizes but seriously it all just sucks so screw it this is what we are gonna do now, plain and simple. we are gonna have a dink smallwood FAN ART contest. now i know people out there are some creative frickers and can draw because ive seen some of peoples artwork around here so theres just no excuse this time.lets bring it on. show me what youvvvve got.

contest rules: submit artwork that is either hand drawn, painted, digitally painted, crayon, marker, pen, etc you can either email me a decent quality image file or contact me and ill give you an address to mail the drawing to me.

the theme of the contest is dink smallwood. the more creative the better. you can include people places and things that are familiar in the dink world, or focus on a particular creature like a bonca, goblins, an intense fighting scene of dink using magic, the great dead dragon carcass, dinks mothers flesh being burnt off of her smoking skull while she is still alive and screaming in pain and agony or WHATEVER. its all good. its up to you to pick what you want to draw.

the contest deadline is july 1st but there will be extensions if requested, especially if someone needs to send in a drawing by snail mail

winner is selected by myself. winner will receive a dead dragon carcass wall clock and a headless duck pin. runners up will receive headless duck pins.

i have 1 last final announcement. if you havent done so yet, please sign up for the dink squad facebook page. i know there are many people who are new here who may not be entirely familiar with the history of the dink squad. now, i love new people. new people are what keeps dink community fun. especially in an internet world full of trash and elitist retarts who do nothing but call each other faggots all day and tell each other to shut up because they are idiots. the dink smallwood community has and will always be a rare oasis from the rest of the idiot internet mentality. so thanks to all the new people for coming to the dink community and continuing to participate. lets keep it up!

ok enough pep talk. the dink squad is a website that was started up by myself several years ago and was run by phoenix for a stint and also helped by people such as carrie and glennglenn. the purpose of the website was to try and enhance the dink smallwood community by allowing dinkers to share photos with each other. mainly people have sent in photos of themselves and pets but dink squad has also hosted contest for people to share pictures of weird objects, photos of their rooms, their work attire, dink costumes and more.however i feel the website is pretty much dead. i am officially announcing that the website will never be updated. i feel the facebook page will serve the purpose of the dink squad. please sign up for the facebook page and start uploading pictures today! all original dink squad photos may also be found on a link on the dink squad facebook.

ok thats it for now. have fun creating your artwork!