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Complaint Chaos 5: Tentacle Monsters... and the women who love them...

Hi folks... it's once again time to examine the complete and utter uselessness of the complaint box in another edition of Complaint Chaos.

Now with 50% less lame than before.

1.I've downloaded FIAT and it had only dink.ini, DINK.DAT, DMOD.DIZ and Graphics folder in archive. Needless to say it wont work!! Can you please check this...

Hmm... as far as I know, FIAT is working fine. You may want to try downloading it again, or addressing this issue in the forum.

2. What I think would be a great addition to the site would be some way to sort the downloadable files on last update date, so if you don't visit all that often, you can quickly see what's new and download it. Just my two cents.

That's actually not a bad idea. Sadly, I don't think it will be implemented till the redink1 releases the next generation of the DN. Last I heard, he's looking into a new content management system to use rather than continuing with his own Miasma system.

3. - 9 Gems of Life's download link is to RPGPlanet - SimonK

Hmm... I was not aware that SimonK was part of RPGPlanet. You learn new things everyday. In all seriousness, redink1 should get on to fixing this problem... if he has the file. If he doesn't I'm sure some kind fellow would gladly send it to him. Let's check the further comments to see what ol' King Dan has to say about this...

4. ddendoftime has some corrupted files in the DMOD

As with #2, try downloading it again. I played this d-mod pretty recently and there were no corrupted files.

5. how to use magic in pota can not use freeze i am stuck please help thanks email is

In Pota, to switch your spell, hit M or the standard map key. If that's not the problem, then I'm not sure what else to say.

6. Windemere is dead (at least for now), and the Dink Sourceforge Project is dead too. Therefore, the link to The Dink Project under 'Partners' should be removed.

Normally, I'd just tell you 'No.' But since the link to the Dink Project really is dead, redink1 should axe it. I do not have that ability.

7. i want to know what"user name and password" means

Please, please, please tell me you're kidding.

8. i want to upload my do i do this?

E-mail it to either redink1 or Tal. One of them will likely upload it for ya.

9. I actually do not like the logged on page which contains just the links. I think it pleases a dinker to at least have a picture of dink on the page after logging on instead of a blank blue page.

We'll be sure to get right on that matter of adding useless decoration to a part of the site that is hardly ever seen for long.

10.where do you get a dink network account

This is just a total shot in the dark here, but that button labeled Account at the top of the site might be a good place to start.

11. I want a item that lets people save anywhere. does anyone have one?

No, but you may want to check out this little handy tool, for your save anywhere needs. Just keep in mind that using this method for saving in certain d-mods can break that game.

12. I wish all polls would last at least a month - the results would be more accurate then.

Considering all the complaints about how long polls have been up, I don't think that's a problem, friend. Except when one decides to be a donkeyhole and change the poll right after one was posted.

13. I cheated in the last poll. Otherwise DMOD would've won. Really.

Actually, I think "dmod" would have won had it been an option. That poll was rigged from the get-go.

14. waterspell will not work in agae

Try contacting Tyrsis or post in the forums about this.

15. The Dink community is as awesomely friendly and unique as the Myster Science Theater 3000 crowd. Nice! "Not an advertisement for the show"

Yeah, Dink may not quite match the awesome quality of Hands of Manos or Space Mutiny, but we like it anyway. Thanks!

16. I suggest that this site maintain its severe non-inclusion of Kory the bane of TDN.

If we wouldn't do it for WC, then we're certainly not doing it for you.

17. add another column stating whether a walkthrough is available or not

Maybe in a future version, but for now, it's easy enough to just check Dink Solutions.

18. pocket pc version of the gamge would be awsome!!

That it would, lad. That it would.

19. very tedious d mod

Why yes, I do believe we have that.

20. What's this about not mentioning Opera (the browser) in the "Best viewed in" statement?

I dunno, maybe because it sucks? Honestly, I don't know. Making sure a website looks right in every single browser is pretty hard work.

21. try to make a dink 3

Let's extend a warm greeting to this traveler from the far off future.

22. How do I program DinkC?

Go take a class on C++ and then come back to DinkC.

23. cant control dink with the mouse , my keyboards ctrl dont work ... where can i change controls?

Hmm... this is a hard one... right now, all I can think of how to change this, but then, I'm not quite as familiar with v1.08. You might want to try investing in a gamepad. I know I use one when playing Dink.