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July 27th, 07:37 AM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
Also. Bad Robj is double posting again instead of editing.


If you haven't seen it yet, there was a problem with the latest 109.6 build of FreeDink on Linux, that was causing my latest Dmod, "Charlie's Legacy" to not play correctly. Specifically, this bug was picked up during a tile puzzle I scripted. The tile puzzle controls did not function at all, the game lagged on screen entry and the variables and scripts maxed out. I originally thought it was just the arguments being passed to the procedures were getting messed up by FreeDink, but some people discovered there were other issues (which I don't understand - I'm not a programmer ). Also, the procedure argument thing confused me because I recently ran a test in a new dmod, and now, they seem to be working correctly in that, so I honestly don't know what ithe actual issue is(Although it seems other people do). You may want to take a look at that discussion yourself. Link to where ghost knight talks about the actual fixes or something:
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