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January 12th, 07:19 PM
Lord Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 
I don't know who uses FreeDinkedit other than yeoldetoast or SlipDink.

I do!

Actually, though I started out using FreeDinkEdit, I quickly gave it up, first to use WinDinkEditPlus2 on WinMe Windoze (on my dual booting desktop, where for every other purpose, I ran Linux).

I thought of doing this, but I just hate how slow and sluggy and full of antiviruses my windows 10 is. I actually couldn't stand it long enough to install both dink and windinkedit+

In fact, I'd be happy to help anyone get started in using WINE to run WinDinkEditPlus2 on Linux. I'd say it's definitely worth the disk space and (surprisingly minor) processing overhead. It allows you to be free from Microsoft and still run much in the way of Windoze compatible software.

That is great! WINE is a great tool for any linux user. However, I currently am fine with freedinkedit, so I will decline that offer.

thank you very much again

On another note

My new version of AToFS has been oploaded.
This version includes many midi files(mostly unused), the music system(how many times can I say this... doesn't get tyring. THANKS SLIPDINK)

It also includes some small changes in the map. (again i never get tired of changing it. I have changed it twice since.)
And 3 working examples of the music system, with 3 good songs. as good as midis can be anyway.

The Following version will include a way to run Different midis inside buildings, still with the system Slipdink Developed. I already tried this method and works

Thanks for listening to my ramble!