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January 7th, 12:28 PM
Lord Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 
It feels more like a test, than a proper demo, but I assume that was your intention.

You can open the chest. Was that intentional?
It is for the patient, you have to wait a few seconds without talking to anything.

If I choose to not leave, Dink freezes. You forgot to unfreeze him.
I thought I had fixed that. Will be fixed!

Also, it seems in the scene after the dream, you misspelled head.
Was it really A dream....
actually it was intentional, dink hit his head... he cant talk properly
It does look misspelled, i might change it. or make the rest of those first lines nasal.

Oh, and I can also go south to a default map screen. You might want to delete this one.
why would I delete it? Im going to build there

Thank you very very much!