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January 1st, 01:18 PM
Lord Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 
The story seems to have promise. But you might want to tackle something less ambitious as your first dmod.
Indeed, that is why i have spent so much time talking about my scripts and map(in the discord server)
i am fairly confident i can do it. most of the ambitious parts are in the story, which is (HOPEFULLY)clear in my mind.
Also, if i do this Dmod and find it lacking in quality , i will rewrite it, using the experience gained in the first draft.

That would require some moderately clever scripting. I can explain how I would do that in more detail later if you wish. But it means that every screen that requires a midi will need to launch the same script (perhaps music.c) that checks a global (probably &story) to determine what midi to play. The same variable can be used for a universal script (perhaps talkgras.c) to contain what the clumps of grass should say.

that was exactly my basic idea. and I would be happy if you could indeed expand into that idea with your knowledge.

thank you very much!