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January 1st, 11:33 AM
Lord Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 
This is my HYPE
I'm hyped already
The name of the series is:
An Ancient Voice.
the name of this Dmod is therefore:
An Ancient Voice I
A Tale Of Four Sorrows
Since this I am hyped, I will reveal most of the storyline I have planned
Dink Smallwood is (as always) strangely teleported to a strange land by a strange wizard king, who promises to return him home if he helps him fight and defeat the other 3 kings. The four kings all fight for control of a village, which is in between their lands. The village is often pillaged and is not at all profited by the closing of roads. Everyone is tired of the endless struggle and wants the war to end.
The Northern king is the 'legal' owner of the village since his castle traditionally protects the village. He is old and worn, and his side is not doing well, he fears what will happen to his family if he is defeated.(This role is cast by: Old man)
The Eastern king is a warlord, who sees the village as a crossroads, which will allow him to expand into other lands. His army is vast but is far from home and tired. he is ruthless and cares not for the lives of anyone in his army or the village, as long as it gets him victorious.(this role is cast by: Milder)
The Southern 'king' Is a necromancer who lives in a swamp. He seeks victims to enlarge his large, but dumb undead army.(role cast by: grey wizard)
The Western 'King' is an illusionist, who managed to trick his army into following him. He is a trickster and a good actor.(role cast by: King Daniel)
Amongst this stands Dink! A fearless pig farmer turned hero
He needs to choose a king who can help him find a way home. And discover what is that white voice in his head. the only person with a white voice he remembers is the ancient Seth...
And he needs to find a home for the little baby he finds while in a mission for the king he chooses.

at the start of the game, he escapes the castle of the western king who teleported him there. He can return to the castle, or venture into the other kings' land, some of them might be more worthy of dink's heroism.

Depending on the king chosen, dink must complete certain quests in order for his king to win, and possibly send him home.

There is only one Quest shared by all kingdoms, although the ending differs with each king. In this quest, dink finds a baby, whose parents were murdered. He must find a suitable family for this creature Dink finds himself loving.

At the ending of the game the ending message will be presented according to his kingdom.
If he chose the Northern kingdom he must find his way home alone, but he is sure that the baby will remain loved and safe with the king's daughter and son-in-law.
If he chose the Eastern kingdom, he is taken home in a boat, but is afraid for leaving the baby to the warlord's protection
If he chose the Southern king, he is killed and made undead.
If he chose the western king, he is sent back home, during transportation, the baby is taken away from him.

That is the story line.
Here are a few extras:
~I plan to make every common sprite(even grass) examinable. the talk message will change with the music playing at that moment. The music will change with the story line. I have an idea on how to do this, but if someone has a clear knowledge how, please tell me.
~Dink swallows a fly!
~Some kingdoms will be quest sized, some epic. the southern one is even a romp!

note from the author
This Dmod will hopefully happen. if i get my sorry ass to do it, and if I find a dink editor less annoying and bother some than freeDinkEdit. (I might even stoop to use windows and winDinkEdit.)

I know this is my first Dmod, but I am determined to do it, and hopeful to finish it.

If you have a question, or want to offer help or comment, or just cheer me on, please talk in this topic!

Sorry for the lenght of this message!