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March 19th 2010, 06:40 AM
Noble United States steam
Daniel, there are clowns. 
1) Angering other members is a good way to make the community in general dislike you (especially if you go out of your way to piss off a Mod). We have a fair number of people here with strong opinions, so occasional disputes are expected. If you can get through them without taking them personally, you'll do just fine. Actually, this rule is true with Internet as a whole.

2) When reviewing files, there are some important things to remember:
-Readability, if we can't understand it, we won't approve it.
-Keep spoilers to an absolute minimum (I know I've seen other staff members let this slide, but it is something that will make sure you're not approved with me).
-Each staff member uses their own judgment when approving reviews, so they may not decisions and reasons may not always be totally consistent, but we all know that we're all trying to be fair and keep some kind of small standard in quality in what's accepted.
-For especially low or high ratings, please do your best to justify why you the file deserves such an outstanding score.

3) When submitting dev files, please make them your own work and not just something you ripped from a game. I know we've let things slide in the past, but we're trying to really cut down this.

4) Submitting poor quality work and attacking other members when it is not well received will generally earn the ire of staff and the community. It is better to dust yourself off, figure out what you did wrong, learn from that mistake and try again.

5) Giving someone else's work a bad score because they gave your work a bad score is technically not allowed. I know we can't really tell a person's intentions when they do this, but if it really looks like you did this, we will call you on it and not accept the review. Thankfully, I can think of two times in the history of the Network where we've had to do this. We'd like to think that everyone here tries to do their best to make objective reviews and stunts like that just makes things suck. Same would go for a positive review in turn for a positive review.

6) Posting off-topic or general discussion threads that go unanswered or are met with tepid or negative responses usually means the community is either uninterested or annoyed. Don't take it personally, this may just not be the community for you (it happens). This does *not* apply to asking questions on d-mod making in the development threads or troubleshooting questions. The staff and community really does our best to try and answer these. If it's about Dink or d-mods, don't worry about it.

7) Links to porn or "software of highly questionable legal status" (ie warez) in any of the forums is prohibited. Same goes for flaming (personal attacks) that are deemed excessive or in bad taste by one of the staff. Don't do that crap. Links to sites that host malware or viruses or anything blatantly illegal will result in muting and/or outright banning.

8) Our swear filter is a joke, but you look even more absurd when you try get around it.

9) Don't create alt accounts for yourself. It's dumb and you're usually found out eventually. If you really want to change your name ask redink1 or me (so I can try getting redink1's attention for you). Generally, we will okay it.

10) If you think you're being singled out by staff and/or the community at large for harsher treatment... you're probably right. Occam's razor also suggests that you likely did something to deserve this. We generally let a lot of stuff slide... but too much and we will start cracking down on you much more than other members. So, yes, if you feel this way, odds really are we don't like you and we have very good reasons for it.

EDIT: This is basically just another way of saying the stuff that was on the RULES PAGE from way back, I just forgot about it.