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Mature version bugged

Pilgrim's Quest

April 25th, 10:34 AM
I am at the red town of Machine Mountian. I have several bugs.
Pilgrims Quest (ver. 1.41)
I am using the Android version.
It seems you can't reinstall without losing your saves.

*PC disappears and no menu for bridge questions.
*Barkeep invisible/no conversation.
*Brothel: Goblin/Angel girl cutscenes freeze.
*Can't buy boat/cannon. Gives too full error when I have 4 open slots.

I am using the Pilgrims Quest Cheat (ver. 1.1) which has worked fine until now.
I get an error that x file is missing, but when I double check the PQ/Story location, they are there. (Only these are broken, the rest work)

Detect sprites (missing [ult]sss.c)
Set beacon (missing [ult]srb.c)
Edit stats (missing [ult]ved.c)
Edit gold/story (missing [ult]ved.c)
Edit weapons (missing [ult]ped.c)
Edit magic (missing [ult]med.c)
Save/Load (missing [ult]svl.c)

Reinstalling the Pilgrims Quest cheat and Main Game didn't fix it.
April 27th, 12:09 PM
Peasant Male bloop
I'm here, just hidden in the shadows. 
We need Seth for this.
April 27th, 12:15 PM
Peasant Male Romania steam bloop
Flyest artist you know 
More proof which shows Seth doesnt leave his work unfinished
April 27th, 08:58 PM
So It kind of fixed itself. I didn't play for a few days. Then I ghost walked to One Tree Island. I cheated there and removed the test items.