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Any way I can make Dink look decent on a widescreen?

March 4th, 03:11 PM
Peasant Male United States
I've been tempted to get into Dink again, either playing a dmoding, but one thing is stopping me: My monitor (which is actually a used TV...) has two options displaying content, 1:1 and Stretch. So either I can have a tiny box in the middle of the screen, or I can have everything stretched all to hell. Some monitors have a "zoom" mode, but unfortunately mine doesn't.

Given this, does anyone know of a hack or something I can use to get this looking decent? Like if I could use 1:1 mode but force to to double the size somehow. Or is like FreeDink and better on this? I assume Dink HD is an option, but I found that fairly unsatisfactory in general.
March 4th, 05:41 PM
Peasant Male Finland
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I'm not absolutely certain whether there's some trick to work around this or not, but I'm fairly sure you're just gonna have to get used to either a very stretched fullscreen, or the tiny box in the middle of the screen. I've been playing in windowed mode for years now, and from what I've gathered so have most others, due to how ugly the fullscreen mode looks on modern monitors. It feels weird at first playing it in a tiny window, but you do get used to it overtime.
March 4th, 05:47 PM
Peasant Male Japan xbox steam
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Yeah, I've always played on windowed.
March 4th, 06:19 PM
Peasant Female United States xbox steam duck
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March 5th, 04:58 AM
Peasant Male France
FreeDink maintains 1:1 aspect ratio, yes
(screen is centered with black bars on the side)