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might Dink be remastered?

July 18th 2009, 03:57 PM
Peasant Spain
This is my first post in this forum (yes... a bit of a delay).

I just wanted to say... it happened that I was browsing ohloh today and I suddenly found the "Dink DMOD developers inc.", supposedly a remake of the graphics (last activity dated from 2002).

According to the readme.txt that RTSOFT released along with the content, they said:
"we also might license the 3dmax models themselves"

Does anyone know if this 3dmax models got ever released?

I think that it would be really neat if it was possible to add 3D support to the client (to the FreeDink client, which code is cleaner I believe) and add the real original 3D graphics that the Dink sprites were taken from. Or even without 3D support in the engine it would be nice to re-take the sprites with a higher resolution.

Do you think that if perhaps Seth is asked nicely he will be so kind to offer these models so that we can have a high quality FreeDink that's a remaster of the original?

May the Dead Dragon Carcass be with you (no offense for the smell).

July 18th 2009, 07:05 PM
Peasant Male Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands
Let us save our effort and just lie down and die. 
the DDC does NOT smell - we've already stewed up most of his vitals, and drunk his blood in our spare time....

I don't think the original models were ever released - I posted the same sort of thing (but I can't find it now); no one replied, so i guess answer = no.
July 18th 2009, 11:08 PM
Peasant Australia steam 
I always wondered this. Were there licensing issues with the 3dsmax models? Also, the character models were made in Poser afaik. RTsoft have probably been asked this a million times, but you can always try again.

You could always check out the Windemere graphics pack, which was made in Blender.
July 19th 2009, 04:10 AM
Peasant Male Netherlands
Any fool can use a computer. Many do. 
In this interview, Seth mentions that Photoshop and 3D Studio Max were used in constructing the graphics: link.
July 19th 2009, 05:22 AM
Peasant Male New Zealand xbox steam
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The link at the bottom of the interview page doesn't work
And I wanted to see this Dink 2 poster...
July 6th 2018, 04:26 AM
Peasant Male Equatorial Guinea xbox steam duck bloop
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seth come back and give us the models.

let's make dink 3: dink's third
July 16th 2018, 01:23 AM
I"ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

What happened to the models? Did RTSoft not own rites on the original assets? Surprised they haven't been released with Freedink.
July 16th 2018, 02:26 AM
Peasant Male Equatorial Guinea xbox steam duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
yeah, justin's still got them apparently. seth's gotta go renegade mode and steal them for us to use in