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Windemere Graphics Pack

January 6th, 2010
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Male Sweden steam
This could have been the best graphics pack on the dink network.
This pack includes 2851 files

Ric is probably one of the best 3d modeller and animator around here, his graphics are about the same quality as SimonK's files. But what was the difference between them? Ric wasted all his time and work on 'Windemere' a project that was suppose to be the sequel to Dink but never got finished. Ric then released the graphics he had made for it... But windemere was going to use PNG-files, so all those files he made for it is the wrong file format for use in dmods.

Of course you can make those files into BMP, but the shadows will mess up which will force you to draw them by yourself of remove them. Both alternatives will take lot's of time, and if you want to convert a monster, like the big spider, you will need to edit 171 BMPs... a work that would take weeks, and that never would look as good as they did before.

The static objects are still usable though, as they require only a little work. I'm actually using some trees and houses in my upcoming dmod 'Three Amulets'...

If this was all I would give this file a 6.0, because you can't really use anything... But this file also includes a number of 3d models to be edited with blender. A more or less experienced 3d animator can add a texture to those, animate them and save in BMP-format.


Here we have some of the best graphics ever released on the dink network, but in the wrong file format. If they had been in BMP I would've given this file a 9.9, but the work you need to spend editing the images makes really lowers the score. It comes with some 3d models from which you can make some BMPs, but this would also take an insane amount of time, but it's a plus.

I'll give it 8.0/9.9

December 10th, 2014
Score : 8.0 good
Bard Male Finland bloop
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The screenshot doesn't do this file justice - it's the poor quality JPG compression, I think, because these graphics actually look really great in game. It's a damn shame they haven't been used in many dmods at all, especially the spiders and skeletons, but there is a reason for that. Windemere was a grandly ambitious project, the next generation Dink Smallwood engine, which was to have alpha transparency for shadows (rather than checkered pixels like the original game) and use the .png format instead of .bmp.

The Windemere project was never finished, and so we have a graphic pack that was created for Dink Smallwood, but that cannot be used in Dink Smallwood. The static sprites can still be used, as converting only a few images from .png to .bmp, adding a white background and creating shadows is relatively little trouble. These include some house sprites and sexy trees in both leafed and leafless variants (so with a little foresight when creating their hardboxes, you could make the trees burnable).

The meat of this graphics pack are animations, though, and just thinking about converting all those wonderful spider graphics is threatening to give me arachnophobia.