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Unfinished Business

Cropped version of screenshot originally taken by DackFight. I think its Dink Smallwood
August 5th, 2006
Score : 5.5 fair
Peasant Female Canada
I really enjoyed playing this game.The music was enjoyable, the scripts
seemed to work really well except for a few boncas turning into slayers.
There was lots of smushing of bugs and plenty to explore.I was having
a great time until the ending.The ending was just totally disappointing
and the dmod author really should have gone back and redone it.
But I'm not sorry I played it, it was pretty fun.
February 14th, 2004
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant Male Australia
This DMOD has potential to be an entertaining romp. It is let down by some scripting problems, hardness errors and not enough story developement.

Scripting problems. Global variables can be reset to lower levels which makes game play frustrating. For example, the variable for &key... which unlocks a door to the iceland, can be reset somewhere to 0 again after you've killed the dragon. I'm not sure where, but I wrote a cheat in the fairy pond script that reset it. Other problems are scripts (such as the fire sword) are called "0-magic" exits, but the sprite has the script "getmagic" attached as a properpty and there is no getmagic.d file. Change 0-magic.d to getmagic.d and you will get a firesword if you talk to the sword.

Hardness errors: You can walk thru houses, castle walls and across water.

Plus: there is humour in the piece, but that is about it - unless you count all the bonus potions lying around.

Gameplay: not well balanced, but occassionaly hard. As a romp it would help to make the monsters the not reappearing type. (Type 1). More characters to interact with would also be nice, and would help develop the story.

With some fixes this DMOD can be a lot better. For now 5 out of 10.