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Hey look it's Justin Beaver, oh wait that sings better
May 7th, 2005
Score : 8.7 good
Not terribly challenging, but pleasant.

Style: 9
I have an odd aesthetic sense (I thought AGAE was less than pretty) but I thought that this game looked very nice. And the number of interactive objects/ things-you-can-smash definitely makes it more enjoyable. After all, how many games feature breakable chairs? As usual, the dialogue, though not laugh-out-loud funny, adds something to the game.

On the down side: the music.

Gameplay: 9
Too easy at some points, too hard at others, but overall pretty solid. There are some 'new' enemies, but they aren't very new. I liked all of the little tasks you have to perform, but the fighting could stand to be a little harder (after the first area)...

Story: 8
Funny, but pointless. Help Dink find his way home!

Overall: 8.7
The best of Carrie's dmods so far. If the muic were better, it might be in the "excellent" catagory.